Floodworx flood protection


Our Floodworx is a water protection hose that can be used flexibly:

✔ Sealing of doors, (garage) gates or (basement) windows
✔ Erecting a barrier to retain water
✔ Diverting away unwanted flows
✔ Can be expanded as required (also as a 4pcs set available)
✔ Space-saving & reusable alternative for sandbags

✔ Dimensions: 122 x 23 x 15 cm (LxWxH)
Watch our product video to learn how to set up and use the Floodworx.

We explain the correct use and functionality in our tutorial article.

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Description/ Application:

Beim Thema Überschwemmungen ist unser Floodworx Wasserschutzschlauch der ideale Problemlöser für Zuhause: Oftmals sind Türen, Tore und Garagen die Schwachstellen wenn es zu Starkregen und Wasserhochständen kommt. Unseren mobilen Hochwasserschutzschlauch kannst du bei dieser Problematik vielseitig einsetzen. Der Floodworx ist ein robuster Schlauch aus PVC Material. Du befüllst ihn ganz einfach über einen Gartenschlauch mit Wasser und schon ist dein Hochwasserschutzschlauch einsatzbereit. Hier findest du unsere Anleitung zum downloaden: Floodworx Anleitung

Areas of application:

The Floodworx is simply filled with water and is of course reusable as often as desired. The integrated safety bead protects our water protection hose from rolling away. There are various flood protection systems in both the private and public sectors. Often sandbags are used to protect e.g. the house, the cellar or similar from flood damage in case of flooding. However, water protection does not only mean sealing the door, garage doors or basement windows.

For example, in order to ensure safety in the event of flooding in the city, the diversion of currents can also be an important area of application. Our Floodworx can be extended to any length via a practical tab. The individual hoses are simply plugged together and can thus divert or hold back water currents. By the way, the Floodworx is theoretically also suitable as a weighting of a cover of your garden pool, the wood pile or similar.

The advantages?

In the event of an alarm, the Floodworx is ready for use within a very short time thanks to its simple filling with water. It can be used flexibly to retain, contain or divert water. In addition, our water protection hose can be stored in a space-saving way, is mobile and of course reusable

✔ Eine einzelne Schicht kann den Wasserstand bis zu 15 cm ableiten
✔ Gestapelte Doppellagen können den Wasserstand bis zu 30 cm ableiten
✔ Die Barrieren können Temperaturen von -20°C  und mehr standhalten
✔ Die Absperrungen sind UV-beständig
✔ Das Gewicht der ungefüllten Barriere beträgt ca. 900 g
✔ Das Gewicht einer zu 75% oder ¾ gefüllten Barriere beträgt ca. 34 kg

✔ incl. adapter with Gardena plug-in system
✔ Material: PVC; hergestellt aus 0,5 mm starkem, industrietauglichem Planenmaterial.
✔ Farbe: Grau
✔ Dimensions: 122 x 23 x 15 cm (LxWxH)

Die Anleitung, technische Daten und weitere Infos findest du hier zum downloaden: Floodworx Anleitung

✔ Easy filling with water
✔ Quickly ready for use
✔ Can be extended to any length
✔ Double chamber against rolling away
✔ Stackable
✔ Reusable
✔ Compact to store

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Weight 0,74 kg
Dimensions 122 × 23 × 15 cm


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