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Unser Poolkissen 1 x 2,5 m eignet sich perfekt als Ergänzung zu den XL-XXXL Poolpolstern.

✔ Pool gaps can be bridged
✔ Height in inflated state: max. approx. 55cm
✔ Production in Germany
✔ You can find our size recommendation for your pool here

📦 Scope of delivery: pool cushion, filling adapter, fastening cords
❗ Available separately: Our PoolBelt (Fixing set for tarpaulins)
We currently do not carry tarpaulins!

For our tips & tricks on winterizing your pool, check out our tutorial post.

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Recommended pool cushion sizes for your pool:

Pool cushion 1 x 2.5 m: supportive , right/left of the big cushions
Pool cushion 2 x 2.5 m: from 2.40 to 4 m pool length
✔ Poolkissen 2 x 4 m: von 3,90 bis 5 m Poollänge (ausverkauft für Wintersaison 23/24)
✔ Poolkissen 2,5 x 5 m: von 4,70 bis 6,50 m Poollänge (ausverkauft für Wintersaison 23/24)
✔ Poolkissen 3 x 7 m: von 6,70 bis 7,50 m Poollänge (ausverkauft für Wintersaison 23/24)
✔ Poolkissen 4 x 4,5 m: flexibel einsetzbar für große Pools (als Doppelpack) und Sonderformen (ausverkauft für Wintersaison 23/24)

✔ Poolkissen rund Ø4 m: von 3,50 bis 5 m Rundpools (ausverkauft für Wintersaison 23/24)
✔ Poolkissen rund Ø5,5 m: von 5 bis 6,50m Rundpools (ausverkauft für Wintersaison 23/24)

Every pool owner knows this: Over the winter, the tarpaulin has sunk into the pool. A "lake" has formed, garnished with leaves from the fall and dirt from the winter. What to do? With our pool cushion (1.000 x 2.500 mm) this is a thing of the past. Special feature: You buy here a really big cushion. This cushion in size "L" has a height of approx. 50-60 cm when inflated. It can be used to bridge gaps in pools, or you can use it as a supplement to our larger XL-XXXL pool cushions. The cushions are built in particularly robust foil quality in double layer so that they also last a long time.

Details of the set content:

✔ You get 4 strong cords with which you can optimally fix the pool cushion (through integrated eyelets) to the pool frame or floor. This way you can prevent the pool cushion from slipping when you put it on the ground or in windy conditions.
✔ The Flap valve is easy to handle and has a non-return flap. In addition, the flap is lockable to facilitate the release of air in the spring.
✔ Also included is our filling adapter. The plug adapter and the filling nozzle are connected with a screw thread and can also be used separately. In addition, a flexible hose facilitates filling and relieves the valve.

Matching accessories

✔ supporting, right/left of the large cushions
✔ Robust film quality in double layer
✔ Made in Germany
✔ Absolutely cost-effective solution
✔ Easy attachment
✔ No frost damage to the pool
✔ Clean pool in the spring
✔ No sinking of the pool liner due to "water pockets
✔ Complete set incl. flexible universal adapter

✔ Outside: PE film 200µm
✔ Inside: PE film 100µm
✔ Valve: FLAP valve with check valve (lockable) and extra large diameter
✔ Adapter: flexible universal adapter for all common filling systems (bellows, air pump, compressor) with approx. 10 cm long hose and additional screw thread
✔ Size uninflated: 1,000 x 2,500 mm
✔ Height in inflated state: max. approx. 55cm

SET content:
1x L pool cushion with FLAP valve
1x universal filling adapter
4x incorporated eyel

Additional information

Weight 18,68 kg
Dimensions 250 × 100 cm

2 reviews for L | 1 x 2,5 m | Poolpolster

  1. 5 out of 5


    The pillows are really great!!!
    Have already bought several to fill my pool with it in the winter.
    They hold the air really super. Hardly any air loss even with strong minus burrs!

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Lutz Adler

    Something else to mention are the pool pillows from Rothschenk!
    In the last really snowy winter (in North - Hesse) tried for the first time and rated as a great product.
    Finally pool pads are on the market that have valves that are really tight for months (8), which is not the case with all manufacturers in the field.
    Even 30 - 40cm of fresh snow could not bring the Rothschenk pool cushions to their knees.
    Winterized in October and taken from pool cover at the end of May with the same amount of air.
    A clear recommendation from me when it comes to winterizing above ground pools.
    This keeps snow and dirt out and you have clean clear water in the spring!
    Also a form of correct handling of limited raw materials ( drinking water).

    Best regards, Lutz Adler

    A Facebook post from the customer can be found here.

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