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You have a rectangular pool with steel frame and are looking for a way to neatly tie off your pool cover?
We recommend our new mounting kit!

✔ Complete set with robust webbing and clamp locks
✔ Production in Germany
✔ For rectangular pool with steel frame available in 3 sizes

📦 Lieferumfang: Horizontales Gurtband, vertikale Gurtbänder, Schlaufen, Schiebeclips
❗ Separat erhältlich: Unsere Poolpolster/Poolkissen
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Die PoolBelt Systeme sind auf die marktüblichen Poolgrößen abgestimmt. Du kannst diese aber auch abweichend verwenden. Siehe dazu unter dem Reiter „Beschreibung“ für mehr Details.

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Fastening material in the outdoor area is exposed to all kinds of weather and must withstand a lot. For this reason, we pay attention to high quality and use robust webbing as well as clamp locks made of solid metal. And best of all: We manufacture the fastening set for tarpaulins completely in Germany.

How to attach the mounting kit?

In the video we explain how you should proceed and what you have to pay attention to.

The wide 50mm webbing is placed at the very bottom of the pool and tightened. For steel frame pools, this is done below the curvature of the liner (it is created by the weight of the water, creating a sort of "belly"). You thread the small loops provided into the wide strap beforehand and position them at regular intervals around the pool - this will help you later when attaching the vertical straps. The last step is to thread the vertical straps through the loops as well as the eyelets of your pool cover.

By the way: We deliver everything with every set so that you can winterize your pool perfectly.

For example, a sufficient number of universal sliding clips are included, which you can use to connect the vertical straps to your cover. This is especially useful if your tarp does not have eyelets, or you want to be flexible with the position (e.g. if a filter pump is in the way).

For detailed instructions, please watch our video. You can also find valuable recommendations for winterizing your pool under Tipps&Tricks.

Is the PoolBelt also suitable for other pool sizes?

The system is suitable for smaller pools without any problems. So, for example, you can use a 4,880 x 2,440 mm system for a pool with the size 4,500 x 2,300 mm. If necessary, the horizontal band is then simply a little too long. Shortening is possible at home at any time, just use scissors and a lighter to reseal the fibers.

The system can also be used for slightly larger pools, e.g. 4,880 x 2,440 mm for 5,000 x 2,440 mm. The horizontal belt is approx. 30 cm longer than required for a 4,880 x 2,440 mm pool.

Overview of our individually matched fastening sets:

Rectangular pool with steel frame

4.120 x 2.010 x 300 mm

4.880 x 2.440 x 300 mm

5.490 x 2.740 x 300 mm

Round pool with steel frame

Ø 3.660 mm

Ø 3.960 mm

Ø 5.000 mm

Round pool with steel wall

Ø 3.660 mm

Ø 3.960 mm

Ø 4.880 mm

Ø 5.000 mm

Matching accessories

✔ Ideal for rectangular steel frame pool

✔ Reliable fastening of the cover sheet

✔ Optimal for taut tensioning with downward pull

✔ High quality horizontal webbing: width 50mm

✔ Vertical webbing (number varies depending on pool format) Width 25mm

✔ Clamp locks made of solid metal

✔ Universal sliding clips included in the set (for connecting the webbing straps to the tarpaulin if no eyelets are available)


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