Lashing strap | 3-piece | Wheel lock | Set 4 pcs.


✔ Ideal for car transport
✔ Conforms to DIN EN 12195-2
✔ Set with 4 pieces

1. place belt backwards around the wheel
2. secure at the front with the cross strap
3. attach swiveling hooks to the lashing eye and lash it down

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With this wheel lock strap set you can safely transport any vehicle, whether quad, car or van. You only need one lashing point each and are therefore extremely fast when loading the vehicle. The practical direct lashing method also means that the car transport belt can absorb higher tensile forces.

✔ DIN EN 12195-2 (meets all important safety criteria for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and numerous other European countries)

To secure the wheel, the strap is placed around the wheel to the rear and secured from the front with the cross strap. Then attach the swivel hook to the lashing eye or the perforated floor and simply lash the complete system.

The cross straps have reinforced loops on both sides and a length of 40cm. The ratchet is designed so that they still have enough air even in the tightest spaces. The swivel hook can be swiveled 360° and has a thickness of 13.5mm. For use these car transport straps with perforated floor or lashing eyes.

Because of their metal handles, these wheel lock straps are very durable. However, you should generally make sure that you dispose of used belts as soon as cracks, severe wear or other damage occurs, as they can lead to dangerous property damage and personal injury.


Webbing 35mm; 2,90 m length; with hooks
✔ Tensile force LC strapping 2,000 daN
✔ Tensile force LC Straight 1,000 daN

Short ratchet with rotatable finger hook
✔ SHF 50 daN / STF 240 daN

Trapeze tape with reinforced loops; length 0,40 m
✔ Tensile force LC strapping 2,000 daN

✔ Elongation < 4%, fixed
✔ Color orange
✔ 1 set = 4 pieces in carton

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