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Pool cushions

  • No water retention: With the XXL pool cushion and the correct tensioning of the cover, you can optimally prevent water pockets.
  • Only ONE pillow: Instead of many small pool cushions, you only need one large XXL pool cushion. This way you don't have any more water pockets between the many individual cushions.
  • Winterproof: Weather influences, leaves, ice and snow are simply evenly diverted to the side by the large dome and no longer make you work. 
  • Better weight distribution: XXL pool cushions are larger and therefore provide better weight distribution than many small cushions. This distributes the weight of snow and ice more evenly on the pool cover and reduces the likelihood of damage.

First of all, you should know the dimensions of your pool. To do this, measure the diameter or the length and width of the upper boundary for which the pool cushion must fit. Then you can find our recommendation for the right pool cushion in the size chart. Click here for the overview.

Ovale Pools sind in ihren Maßen sehr unterschiedlich.  Orientiere dich am besten an den eckigen Poolpolstern und überprüfe welches Maß am besten zu deinem Pool passt. In unserer Size chart findest du einen eigenen Abschnitt zu ovalen Pools mit hilfreichen Grafiken.

It is not important that the pool cushion completely fills your pool. It is more important that the pool cover is tightly stretched with a downward pull. You can find more information about this at the PoolBelts.

Achtform Pools sind sehr unterschiedlich gebaut. Wenn die „Einbuchtung“ in der Mitte sehr eng ist, kannst du mit zwei runden Poolkissen arbeiten. Wenn die Engstelle nicht sehr ausgeprägt ist, kannst du auf ein großes eckiges Poolpolster zurück greifen.

Achte in jedem Fall darauf, dass das Poolkissen ca. 20 cm Abstand zum Poolrand hat um Schäden am Polster zu vermeiden. Und bedenke: Es kommt nicht darauf an, dass das Polster deinen Pool komplett ausfüllt. Wichtiger ist das straffe Abspannen der Abdeckplane mit Zug nach unten. So kannst du Pfützen auf der Abdeckplane vermeiden.

In unserer Size chart findest du einen weitere Infos zu achtform Pools.

For filling the pool cushion we recommend our Battery air pump, which is available in the store and includes the appropriate filling adapter for the valve built into the pool cushion.

Du kannst auch eine eigene elektrische Luftpumpe verwenden. Bitte beachte dann, dass du es nicht in Wassernähe befüllst.

The pool cushion also has a second valve that allows for quick deflation. This allows the cushion to be easily dismantled, folded and stored after the winter.

The height varies depending on the pool cushion and of course also depends on how bulging you inflate the cushion. The height varies depending on the pool cushion size from about 1 m to 2 m. Look at our Size chart an, dort findest du alle Maße und Infos.

In the fall, most pool owners dismantle the filter system to prevent frost damage. This usually requires draining some water to remove the hoses. The draining height varies depending on the pool, but for most pools it is about 50 to 60 cm, measured from the top of the pool.

Physical Cause:

  • Temperature fluctuations: During the winter months, large temperature fluctuations can occur that affect the air pressure inside the pool cushion. When the temperature drops, the air in the pool cushion becomes cooler and the pressure in the cushion decreases. When the temperature rises, the air warms and expands, which can result in higher air pressure inside the cushion.
  • Solution: Fill your pool cushion on a rather cold day. You don't have to worry about it getting too much internal pressure on a sunny day. It's durable enough to withstand that without damage. 

Damage to the pool cushion:

  • Check valves: Check whether the filling valve and, if necessary, the venting valve are closed properly.
  • Search for damage: Inspect the pool cushion for holes or other damage.
  • Check pool edge: If the pool cushion is chosen too large and therefore too close to the pool edge, damage could occur due to sharp edges on the pool.
  • SolutionIf you find damage, use the included repair kit to patch the hole in no time. 
  1. If necessary, cut the repair patch to size 
  2. Roughen the surface around the damaged area and the repair patch with sandpaper.
  3. Coat both completely with the adhesive
  4. Allow adhesive to dry slightly for a short time
  5. Press the repair patch
  6. With an object weigh down the place for several hours
  • Step 1: Drain the water to the first inlet. This will allow you to dismantle your filter system and store it in a frost-proof location.
  • Step 2: Place the inflated XXL pool cushion on the water surface. It is best to fully inflate the cushion, as this will prevent it from being pushed to the side by wind pressure.
  • Step 3: Attach the cords supplied to the eyelets of the pool cushion and connect them to the pool frame or tie it down to the ground. Make sure that your pool cushion is approx. 20 cm from the edge of the pool. This prevents it from rubbing against the edge of the pool and being damaged in strong winds.
  • Step 4: Place the cover over your XXL pool cushion (preferably in pairs). Then stretch it tightly and pull it downwards. Our recommendation for tensioning: The CoverMio fixing set for pool covers.

Du kannst dich gerne benachrichtigen lassen sobald wir wieder lieferfähig sind. Gehe dazu einfach auf den gewünschten Artikel und trage dich in die Benachrichtigungsliste ein. 

Hinweis: Dies ist keine Vorbestellung sondern nur eine Benachrichtigungsfunktion!

Cover tarpaulins

No, unfortunately we do not currently have any tarpaulins in our range and are not planning any for this season. You can find various manufacturers of tarpaulins online.

The right size of the cover cannot be determined across the board. It depends on how much water you drain and how high you inflate your pool cushion.

Our tip: Place the inflated pool cushion on the pool and then measure out the required tarpaulin size. A projection over the pool edge of 30 - 50 cm per side would be optimal.

A suitable pool cover should have these three factors:

  • UV-resistant
  • Chlorine-resistant
  • Not stretchable!

You can orientate yourself on the quality of truck tarpaulins. Please note: We do not have any tarpaulins in our range ourselves! 

In order for rainwater, snow, etc. to drain off, it is necessary to attach the tarpaulin tightly with a downward pull. We have developed a fastening set for some common pool sizes that meets this requirement. Click here for our PoolBelt.

For inground pools, we recommend using standard ground anchors (not available from us) to secure the cover. Alternatively, you can also secure the cover with our Floodworx water protection hoses complain. 

Fastening set for cover tarpaulins - PoolBelt

The PoolBelt ensures tight tensioning of your cover with vertical pull.

Often, the tarpaulin is placed on top of the pool and tightened around the pool with a lashing strap or wire rope. Although this method looks good at first glance, water pockets often form when it rains, as the tarpaulin can easily slip away upwards. 

Only a tightly stretched cover will help you avoid water pockets. The pool cushion does not always fit 100% perfectly on your pool, nor does it have to. More important is the tight tensioning of the cover with downward pull. For this purpose, we have developed a strap system for common pool sizes. Click here for the PoolBelt.

Often, the tarpaulin is placed on top of the pool and tightened around the pool with a lashing strap or wire rope. Although this method looks good at first glance, water pockets often form when it rains or snows, as the tarp can easily slip away upwards due to the increasing weight. 

It is best to use ground anchors or our PoolBelt to tension the tarpaulin with vertical tension.

Unseren PoolBelt haben wir passend zu den gängigsten Poolgrößen entwickelt, aber natürlich passen diese Sets auch bei leicht abweichenden Größen. Dein Pool ist deutlich größer? Nutze unseren Verlängerungsgurt!

Make sure you choose the right pool type and size. You can find our sets directly here.

When your pool smaller than our PoolBelt set offers:

The dimensions only indicate the largest possible circumference for which the set can be used. So you can use the PoolBelt for the 3.66 m pool without any problems for a pool with e.g. 3.5 m diameter. Please note that your horizontal webbing will then be a little too long. You can shorten it with scissors, of course. Finally, seal the fibres by fusing them together with a lighter.

We state the length of the horizontal webbing in the description of the respective belt system. Use this measurement to see if it is still suitable for your pool.

Nutze ansonsten einfach unseren Verlängerungsgurt! Der Gurt ist 2 m lang und wird einfach mit dem horizontalen Gurtband deines PoolBelt Systems verbunden. Alternativ kannst du auch einfach zwei kleinere PoolBelt Sets bestellen und miteinander verbinden.

Hier nochmal ein Überblick zu den Längen:

  • Rechteckiger Pool Stahlrahmen 4.120×2.010 mm | Länge Gurtband horizontal: ca. 13 m | Anzahl vertikale Gurtbänder: 19 Stk.
  • Rechteckiger Pool Stahlrahmen 4.880×2.440 mm |  Länge Gurtband horizontal: ca. 15,5 m | Anzahl vertikale Gurtbänder: 22 Stk.
  • Rechteckiger Pool Stahlrahmen 5.490×2.740 mm |  Länge Gurtband horizontal: ca. 17 m | Anzahl vertikale Gurtbänder: 24 Stk.
  • Runder Pool Stahlrahmen Ø 3.600 mm | Länge Gurtband horizontal: ca. 13 m | Anzahl vertikale Gurtbänder: 14 Stk.
  • Runder Pool Stahlrahmen Ø 3.960 mm | Länge Gurtband horizontal: ca. 14 m | Anzahl vertikale Gurtbänder: 15 Stk.
  • Runder Pool Stahlrahmen Ø 5.000 mm | Länge Gurtband horizontal: ca. 17 m | Anzahl vertikale Gurtbänder: 19 Stk.

The Midi clips can be used universally and fit conventional tarpaulins with a tarpaulin thickness of up to 5 mm.

Das horizontale Gurtband liegt bei Stahlrahmenpools unterhalb der „Wölbung“ oder des „Bauches“ des Pools. Dadurch ist es automatisch fixiert und kann nicht verrutschen. Bei Stahlwandpools ist keine Fixierung unterhalb des Pools möglich und das Gurtband würde an der glatten Oberfläche hochrutschen. Wir empfehlen unser System daher nur für Stahlrahmen Pools.

Tipp: Du kannst das System für Stahlrahmenpools zusätzlich mit Schnüren und Bodenankern nach unten abspannen sodass es nicht hochrutschen kann. Oder du arbeitest ausschließlich mit Bodenankern, um die Abdeckplane straff nach unten abzuspannen.


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