XXXL | Ø 5,5 m | round | pool cushion


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✔ One big pillow instead of many small ones
✔ Not inflated Ø 5.5 m; Inflated approx. 4.60 - 5 m
✔ Height when inflated approx. 1.90 m
Ideally suited for round pools Ø 5-6.50 m (for the Size chart)
✔ PVC material with thickness 0.4mm

📦 Scope of delivery: pool cushion, fixing cords (white), repair kit.
❗ Available separately: Our Battery air pump
❗ Available separately: Our PoolBelt (Fixing set for tarpaulins)
❗ Attention: We do not carry tarpaulins ourselves!

More details, dimensions and info about the application you can find below in the description and in the FAQ Bereich.

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The idea: With the CoverMio pool cushions (also called pool pads or pool winter cushions) you only need one XXL cushion and not many small ones. This is the easiest and best way to solve the problem of sunken pool covers. Please note that you need to order the cover in a larger size, a tip can be found in the FAQ area ❗ Attention: We do not carry tarpaulins ourselves!

Winterproof: The high-quality PVC material easily withstands the effects of the weather and gets you and your pool safely through the winter. If there is a tear in the material, you can react immediately because we also provide you with a repair kit.
Your cushion is fixed to the pool to prevent it from slipping under the cover. All necessary accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

More informations: You can find out which pool cushion is best suited for your pool, how to fill the pool cushion, how to place it, how to fix it, etc. in our pool cushion guide. FAQ area and the blog posts. Our sizes in the Overview:
1 x 2.5 m
2 x 2.5 m
2 x 4 m
2,5 x 5 m
3 x 7m
4 x 4,5 m

rund Ø4 m
rund Ø5,5 m

Suitable for: Pool cushion, Pool cushion, Air cushion pool, Inflatable pool cover round, Pool cushion winterisation XXL, Pool winter cushion, Pool cover inflatable, Pool winter means, Pool safety cover, Pool winter means, Inflatable cushion pool, Air cushion, Pool winter cover, Pool air cushion, Air cushion winterisation, No frost damage to the pool, Clean pool in spring, No sinking of the cover due to "water pockets".


✔ Colour: Blue
✔ Material: PVC 0,4 mm
✔ Not inflated Ø 5.5 m
✔ Inflated approx. Ø 4.60 - 5 m
✔ Höhe im aufgeblasenem Zustand ca. 1,9 m
✔ Suitable for round pools (steel frame/wall) from 5 m to 6.50 m

SET content:
✔ Pool cushion with filling valve and air release valve
4x incorporated eyel
✔ Repair patches and glue

❗ Available separately: Our Battery air pump
❗ Available separately: Our PoolBelt (Fixing set for tarpaulins)
❗ We currently do not carry tarpaulins!
More details, dimensions and info about the application you can find below in the description and in the FAQs.

✔ Robust corners due to rounded weld seams
✔ Stretches the tarpaulin into a round roof
✔ Easy attachment
✔ Only ONE (!) cushion necessary
✔ No frost damage to the pool
✔ Clean pool in the spring
✔ No sinking of the pool liner due to "water pockets

Additional information

Weight 20,38 kg

Das Video zeigt unser früheres rotes Poolpolster. Die funktionsweise ist die selbe. Bitte beachte, dass die gezeigte Abdeckplane nicht bei uns erhältlich ist.

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1 review for XXXL | Ø 5,5 m | rund | Poolkissen

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lutz Adler

    Something else to mention are the pool pillows from Rothschenk!
    In the last really snowy winter (in North - Hesse) tried for the first time and rated as a great product.
    Finally pool pads are on the market that have valves that are really tight for months (8), which is not the case with all manufacturers in the field.
    Even 30 - 40cm of fresh snow could not bring the Rothschenk pool cushions to their knees.
    Winterized in October and taken from pool cover at the end of May with the same amount of air.
    A clear recommendation from me when it comes to winterizing above ground pools.
    This keeps snow and dirt out and you have clean clear water in the spring!
    Also a form of correct handling of limited raw materials ( drinking water).

    Best regards, Lutz Adler

    A Facebook post from the customer can be found here.

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