XXL Poolkissen rund/eckig

The problem

Pool owners know the problem. In spring, you want to get your beloved pool ready for the summer season again and are faced with a particular challenge: How do you get the pool cover out of the pool without dirt, leaves and other debris getting into the actually clean water underneath? Because over the winter, all kinds of rubbish has formed in a pool of water on the tarpaulin.

In addition, the water on the tarpaulin makes it almost impossible to pull the tarpaulin out of the pool. Due to the weight on the tarpaulin, it often sinks significantly into the pool and the additional water on the tarpaulin makes the work all the more difficult.


The solution

With the XXL pool cushion you no longer have the problems described above. The cushions are simply filled with air using a commercially available battery pump. With a maximum height of 120 cm (round cushion 180 cm) you can simply place them on the pool before winter and then attach your cover as usual.



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Application video

for rectangular pools


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Application video

for round pools

the advantage

Rain, snow, leaves and other debris drain away reliably through the slope of the pool pad. Most pool owners dismantle the filter system in autumn to avoid frost damage. This means that some water must be drained to the first inlet/outlet in order to remove the hoses. For most pools, this is about 50-60 cm measured from the top edge. The height of the XXL pool cushion of 120 cm therefore leaves you with a slope of up to 60 cm above the top edge of the pool. This allows you to safely drain heavy rain and slowly accumulating snow without water pockets forming.

To attach the pool cushion to your pool quickly and securely, it has eyelets to which you can easily attach it to the pool frame or to the ground (e.g. with ground anchors) using the cords supplied.

Pool_Poolpolster_rund_eckig_Poolkissen_aufblasbar- Abdeckung_Winter_Eisdruck_Winterkissen_winterfest_machen_einlagern_ösen_Schnüre_PVC_Größe_L_bis_XXL_Luftkissen_Aufstellpool_ Stahlwandpools_ CoverMio_Rothschenk
Pool_Poolpolster_rund_eckig_Poolkissen_aufblasbar- Abdeckung_Winter_Eisdruck_Winterkissen_winterfest_machen_einlagern_ösen_Schnüre_PVC_Größe_L_bis_XXL_Luftkissen_Aufstellpool_ Stahlwandpools_ CoverMio_Rothschenk
Ösen_Pool_Poolpolster_rund_eckig_Poolkissen_aufblasbar- Abdeckung_Winter_Eisdruck_Winterkissen_winterfest_machen_einlagern_ösen_Schnüre_PVC_Größe_L_bis_XXL_Luftkissen_Aufstellpool_ Stahlwandpools_ CoverMio_Rothschenk

TIP: We recommend placing a tarpaulin or solar foil on the surface of the water and only then putting the pool cushion on top. This way the cushion is not in direct contact with the frozen water in winter. Otherwise, the cushion could be permanently damaged by sharp-edged pieces of ice.

Attach the cover correctly

The slope is one thing. But the correct installation of your cover is at least as important. Only a tightly stretched cover will help you avoid water pockets. No pool cushion fits 100% perfectly on every pool. There will always be small spots that are theoretically not filled. To prevent a "lake" from forming there, your cover must also meet a few requirements:

✔ Material: UV and chlorine resistant

✔ waterproof

✔ not stretchy (preferably a coated fabric or similar)

Pool_Poolpolster_rund_eckig_Poolkissen_aufblasbar- Abdeckung_Winter_Eisdruck_Winterkissen_winterfest_machen_einlagern_ösen_Schnüre_PVC_Größe_L_bis_XXL_Luftkissen_Aufstellpool_ Stahlwandpools_ CoverMio_Rothschenk

A question that you may have already asked yourself: How do I get the cover tautly stretched downwards?

Our experience shows that some people simply use strapping. So cover the pool, take a lashing strap or wire rope and put it around the pool, tighten it. This looks good at first, but with the first rain, a pocket of water will usually form in one place. Why?

Simple answer: The pull to the ground is missing and thus the permanent tension on the tarpaulin. The following pictures show you the difference:

Vertical train missing
Korrektes Anbringen einer Abdeckplane auf dem Pool mit vertikalem Zug
Pool_Poolpolster_rund_eckig_Poolkissen_aufblasbar- Abdeckung_Winter_Eisdruck_Winterkissen_winterfest_machen_einlagern_PVC_Größe_L_bis_XXL_Luftkissen_Aufstellpool_ Stahlwandpools_ CoverMio_Rothschenk_poolbefestigung
Correct attachment with downward pull

XXL pool cushion

Most above-ground pools have a rectangular or round shape. That's why CoverMio also offers you the XXL pool cushion in both shapes. 

You can find the right size for your XXL pool cushion in our Overview page investigate.

Set - Contents

The CoverMio XXL pool cushion includes the following:

✔ Pool cushion with filling valve and air release valve
4x incorporated eyel
✔ Repair patches and glue

Take a quick look at our application video at the top. The handling is very simple, the idea behind it really clever.


Pool_Poolpolster_rund_eckig_Poolkissen_aufblasbar- Abdeckung_Winter_Eisdruck_Winterkissen_winterfest_machen_einlagern_ösen_Schnüre_PVC_Größe_L_bis_XXL_Luftkissen_Aufstellpool_ Stahlwandpools_ CoverMio_Rothschenk

Rectangular formats:

Round formats:

How do you fill the XXL pool cushion?

This much in advance: water and electricity are not a good combination. Therefore, you should never inflate your new CoverMio XXL pool cushion while lying in the water. We recommend that you choose a dry spot next to your pool on a rain-free day and inflate the pool cushion there. The best way to do this is to use our Battery air pump suitable. With an air flow rate of 450 litres/min. the cushion is inflated in no time at all. Thanks to modern Li-Ion technology, there is no battery discharge effect and your pump is always ready for use when you need it.

The use of a compressor is only recommended to a limited extent, as it is intended more for building up pressure and less for transporting as much air as possible. DIY compressors in particular would otherwise run both loudly (neighbours!) and continuously (overheating?). Whoever wants to try it anyway: We also have a suitable filling gun in our shop with a standard 1/4" compressed air hose connection and special adapter for our pool cushion valve (flap valve).

Talking about compressors: The advantage of our battery-powered air pump is that it also comes with a compressor unit. This means you get two devices that you can operate with the battery.

  • Air pump with blowing and suction function (especially clever when it comes to dismantling your XXL pool cushion)
  • Compressor pump (ideal for quickly inflating bicycle tyres, handcart tyres or footballs.

In both cases you are cordless and therefore not tied to a specific location. Alternatively, some of our customers also use vacuum cleaners/industrial vacuums with a blowing function. The adapter set supplied with each pool cushion usually allows you to use any standard attachment.

suitable for the valve of the blue pool cushion
Compressor for bicycle tyres
Set contents incl. case
for red pool cushion, air mattresses, ...

Fastening set for your cover - Our "PoolBelt

Maybe we can give you another valuable tip? We maintain a close community with our customers and naturally get a lot of feedback. One of our customers' wishes was for a reliable fastening of the tarpaulin - even with the above-mentioned pull towards the ground.

Most people do not have ground anchors to tension ropes downwards or do not want to dismantle everything every time the pool is only to be covered for a short time in the summer (e.g. because of pollen). That's why we have developed a fastening set for steel frame pools here at our headquarters in Germany.

At its core, it consists of a solid webbing strap that is placed and tensioned at the very bottom of the pool. In steel frame pools, this is done below the curvature of the liner (it is created by the weight of the water and thus creates a kind of "belly").

Putting on the pool cushion and cover sheet
Tension cover with poolbelt
Individually adapted for every pool size
use existing eyelets...
... or the enclosed universal clip
PoolBelt-Abdeckung abspannen
taut - safely through the winter!

available poolbelt sizes

We currently offer a customised fixing set in our shop for the following above-ground pools:

Rectangular construction, steel frame:

Round construction, steel frame (Attention not suitable for steel wall pools!)

Wir liefern bei jedem Set alles mit, damit du deinen Pool perfekt einwintern kannst. Das hochwertige horizontale Gurtband hat eine Breite von 35 mm, die vertikalen Gurtbänder (Anzahl je nach Poolformat unterschiedlich) sind aus leicht zu handhabenden 25 mm Gurtband. Die Klemmschlösser zur Befestigung und zum Spannen sind aus Vollmetall. Außerdem ist in jedem Set eine ausreichende Anzahl universal Schiebeclips enthalten, die du verwenden kannst um die Bänder mit deiner Abdeckplane zu verbinden. Das ist besonders praktisch wenn deine Plane keine Ösen hat, oder du die Position flexibel gestalten möchtest (z.B. wenn deine Filterpumpe im Weg ist).

Warum ist das Set nicht ideal für Stahlwandpools geeignet?

Das horizontale Gurtband liegt bei Stahlrahmenpools unterhalb der “Wölbung” oder des “Bauches” des Pools. Dadurch ist es automatisch fixiert und kann nicht verrutschen. Bei Stahlwandpools ist keine Fixierung unterhalb des Pools möglich und das Gurtband würde an der glatten Oberfläche hochrutschen.

Wir empfehlen unser System daher nur für Stahlrahmen Pools. Du solltest bei Stahlwandpools am Besten mit Bodenankern arbeiten, um die Abdeckplane straff nach unten abzuspannen.

Winterising the pool safely - step by step guide

Initial situation: Summer is over and you want to winterise your pool.

  • Step 1: Drain the water to the first inlet. This will allow you to dismantle your filter system and store it in a frost-proof location.
  • Step 2: Place the inflated XXL pool cushion on the water surface. It is best to fully inflate the cushion, as this will prevent it from being pushed to the side by wind pressure.
  • Step 3: Attach the supplied cords to the pool cushion eyelets and connect them to the pool frame or tension it downwards to the ground.
  • Step 4: Place the cover over your XXL pool cushion (preferably in pairs). Then stretch it tightly and pull it downwards. Our recommendation for tensioning: The CoverMio fixing set for pool covers.

Important to know - Physics

Bei Wärme dehnt sich die Luft aus, bei Kälte zieht sie sich zusammen. Dieses physikalische Grundgesetz wird bei großen Luftmengen besonders deutlich. Aus diesem Grund kann im Laufe der Wintersaison auch das Nachbefüllen des CoverMio-Poolkissens notwendig werden.

Example: Du pumpst dein Kissen an einem warmen Herbsttag mit 25 Grad auf. Die nachfolgenden Tage bringen die ersten frostigen Nächte mit +/- 5 Grad. Du wirst feststellen, das durch die 20 Grad Temperaturunterschied dein Poolkissen etwas an Spannung verloren hat. Das ist kein Mangel, sondern einfach Physik.

SolutionFill your pool cushion on a rather cold day, then it won't lose much of its tension even in winter. By the way, you don't need to worry about it getting too much internal pressure on a sunny day. Due to its special construction, it is robust enough to withstand this without damage. Our in-house development and testing department has tested and approved it for you.

Pool_Poolpolster_rund_eckig_Poolkissen_aufblasbar- Abdeckung_Winter_Eisdruck_Winterkissen_winterfest_machen_einlagern_ösen_Schnüre_PVC_Größe_L_bis_XXL_Luftkissen_Aufstellpool_ Stahlwandpools_ CoverMio_Rothschenk


Wir sind ein in Deutschland, – genauer in Unterfranken – ansässiges Unternehmen. Unser Team entwickelt und vertreibt hochwertige Poolpolster sowie eine Vielzahl weiterer Outdoor-Produkte. Wir legen großen Wert auf exzellenten Kundenservice und teilen unser umfangreiches Wissen in diesen Blogbeiträgen. Wir bieten Produkte die perfekt auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden abgestimmt sind.

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    15. September 2022 at 12:23
  • steffi Scheunemann Reply

    Ich habe einen 3,6 stahlwandpool und das runde Poolkissen bestellt wie gross muss die Abdeckplane sein? …und wie können wir die Plane befestigen?

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      Hallo Steffi, das hängt unter anderem davon ab, wie stark du dein rundes Poolkissen aufbläst. Wir empfehlen dir, dein Kissen aufgepumpt aufzulegen und dann passend rauszumessen. Die Plane sollte dann ca. 30-50 cm über den Rand überstehen. Achte darauf, das Kissen relativ prall aufzublasen, damit es nicht am Poolrand reibt. Für Stahlrahmen Pools haben wir ein Befestigungssystem für Abdeckplanen. Du findest es hier bei den PoolBelts. LG dein CoverMio Team.

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